Homemade Kombucha Kombucha as a lifestyle and its health benefits. Homemade Kombucha Kombucha is a better option than soda or other
sugary drinks, easy to get into healthy habits.


We are a local company from Phoenix that offers quality products with refreshing and original flavors that connect with our mother earth.

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Nano batch production

Production of Kombucha on small containers, for faster fermentation and consistency.

Organic Fair trade teas

Our social commitment is to use organic products that belong to the fair-trade movement. By doing it we support the producers to get better trading conditions.

Raw and Unfiltered

In the preparation process we do not filter or pasteurize our Kombucha to prevent killing the good bacteria.

Kombucha brewers

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We believe that the family that walk toward the same goal stays together and motivated. Our company was born during a very interesting time (2020). During a time of challenges and concerns we decided to aim for health, creativity and fun. The result? PHX Kombucha! A family owned and operated company run by we’ll. Jesus, the creative brewer and leader of the company inspire us with delicious ideas. Yashira, co-founder and public relations, creates connections to new clients and expands information related to healthy ways of enjoying PHX Kombucha.


Kombucha is a fermented drink prepared with culture of bacteria, yeast (SCOBY “symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) and black or green tea. We also add fruits and herbs to our product to enrich the flavour. Kombucha is known to be a potential source of probiotics, antioxidants and B vitamins and to strengthen the immune system. Due to the natural process of fermentation Kombucha is also known to improve digestion.

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